Does increased janitorial or internalized help replace sanitization services?


Unfortunately - traditional spray and wipe methods prove ineffective in comparison to true sanitization for many reasons:


  • Human error: the effectiveness of spray bottle disinfectant relies heavily on the level and method of wiping pressure applied, detail orientedness of the applicator. Spray and wipe methods present a large risk for cross contamination of soiled cloths, and ineffective application or proper swelling of chemicals simply spreads pathogens across surfaces.

  • Inefficient & ineffective: Manual methods usually account for high touch surfaces, or horizontal surfaces only. Although this is a great measure to take, this protocol does not decrease the overall level of bioburden in the environment, rather key areas. To truly sanitize an environment all surfaces including walls, ceiling, floor, and all 3 dimensional surfaces must be treated appropriately. 


  • Unsafe & Damage prone: Harsh chemicals dispensed and/or diluted improperly with insufficient PPE presents many health risks to both staff and patrons of a business. Lingering overspray and concentrations of disinfectant is a common complaint of respiratory, and eye irritation. Another common symptom of improperly applied disinfectants are fabric discolouration, warping of wood or tiques, chalky residue, drywall & paint discolouration, metal oxidation, and/or broken electronics.

Are consumables safe on all surfaces?


DISINFX Disinfection Co. dispenses proven, green, and versatile solutions. Disinfectants achieve a 6 log disinfection efficacy, that is safe to dispense on all metals, fabrics, woods, porous & non porous surfaces without any damage, corrosion, or oxidization. Our solutions are diluted to 2000ppm in order to deliver an effective dose of disinfectant, which is easily and accurately measured by technicians with 1 tablet per liter of water.


How long after the treatment is the surface safe & dry?


Approximately 30 minutes following treatment an area is completely dry to the touch again, and safe to return. Our solutions possess a slight bleach odour that may linger for 1-4 hours following the service. 


Can staff and patrons be in the area? 


As long as staff and patrons are removed from the technicians direct service area, staff and patrons may remain in the vicinity while services are conducted. Our technicians are training to work diligently by section, and utilise visual aids (SDS on backpack, stanchion signs, building services notice) to ensure patrons are aware of the service being provided.


Our certification program provides both staff and patrons with security in the form of assurance. UV blacklight testing inspection & iAuditor reporting enables us to confirm and certify your facilities level of disinfection, and whether or not the facility is biosafe to enter. Clients are provided with a copy of their individual “Certificate of Disinfection” to display both digitally, and physically at storefront locations.



Our line of consumables is sourced based upon disinfectant efficacy as per Health Canada COVID-19 Recommendations, health & safety, and bio footprint. Disinfectant is dispensed as ionized droplets within the environment, achieving a true 3D 360° surface coverage. 


All areas and features of the environment are treated, neutralising C-difficile spores (SARS-CoV-2, Staphylococcus, H1N1, MRSA, Norovirus, Salmonella etc.) in under 4 minutes upon surface contact touchlessy.  Solutions complete the dwell cycle (dry to the touch) within 30 minutes. 


Disinfectant achieves a 99.9% efficacy and is safe to dispense on all metals, fabrics, woods, porous & non porous surfaces without any damage, corrosion, or oxidization.


When solutions are dispensed the surface consistency is that of micro disinfectant droplets, resembling a ‘morning dew.’ This surface consistency promotes a proper dwell time that allows disinfectant to kill bacteria properly, and evaporate mess or residue free.

Technicians complete a comprehensive program before servicing client facilities directly. Modules stress appropriate technique and product application to properly replicate the appropriate disinfectant surface coverage, identifying high touch & prone areas, and conducting health inspections adeptly.
DISINFX Disinfection Co. has developed a rigorous internal protocol to ensure the health and safety of our technicians throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. Aside from hygienic and awareness recommendations, DISINFX records temperature logs and conducts health checks before deploying to your facility.
Technicians assure their service results with iAuditor inspection software, paired with UV blacklight technology to ensure proper levels of cleaning and disinfection are achieved. Honest and transparent results are assured each and every service.
DISINFX Disinfection Co. understands that every industry brings a unique set of challenges and protocols to follow in order to get the job done in a compliant and effective manner. We follow specific protocol as per Work Safe B.C.’s Returning to safe operation (B.C.’s Restart Plan, Phase 2): We are familiar with recommended industry specific considerations, risks & hazards, and proper treatment methods to assist the following businesses:
  • hotel & hospitality
  • manufacturing
  • place of worship
  • restaurants
  • private businesses/small businesses
  • education
  • childcare
  • fitness & recreation
  • gaming
  • transportation


DISINFX incorporates all Worksafe B.C, Health Canada, and B.C. CDC compliances pertaining to methodology, and appropriate usage of approved COVID-19 hard surface disinfectant into our service protocol. 


We ensure your Work Safe BC ‘Covid-19 Safety Plan’ pertaining to your cleaning protocols and sanitization reporting is managed adeptly, as per the Work Safe BC ‘COVID-19 and returning to safe operation - Phase 2’ action plan.From direct service implementation, post service inspection testing, and reporting for your WCB COVID-19 Safety disinfection protocols, DISINFX Disinfection Co. is your business’ security in the form of biosafety and assurance. 


Insufficient planning or preparation can lead to a cease in operations by governing bodies, a poor public representation, closure of your business, or spread of communicable disease in your facilities. 

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