COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Disinfecting and Fogging

DISINFX Disinfection Co. is your partner for both commercial and residential disinfecting needs.

Our professional technicians can respond within 12-24 hours of your request for emergency corrective disinfecting service.

If a staff member of your workplace, or family member has contracted COVID-19, we suggest our deep facility disinfectant fogging services to eliminate all potential bacteria, viruses, and germs on both surfaces and airspaces before returning to work or the home.

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Regions Serviced:

Greater Vancouver Area​

  • Vancouver

  • West Vancouver

  • East Vancouver

  • North Vancouver

  • Richmond

  • New Westminster

  • Surrey

  • Burnaby

  • Maple Ridge

  • Pitt Meadows

  • Cloverdale

  • Langley

  • White Rock

  • Coquitlam

  • Abbotsford

  • Chilliwack

Vancouver Island​​

  • Victoria

  • Saanich

  • Langford

  • Colwood

  • North Saanich

  • Sidney

  • Duncan

Disinfection Service Scope of Work



Industry leading fogging technology is utilized to dispense EPA & Health Canada Recommended disinfectant as micronized droplets within the environment, achieving a true 3D 360° surface & airborne treatment coverage. 


All areas and features of the environment are treated, neutralizing C-difficile spores (SARS-CoV-2, Staphylococcus, H1N1, MRSA, Norovirus, Salmonella etc.) in under 4 minutes upon surface contact touchlessly. 


Solutions achieve a 99.9% disinfection efficacy and are safe to dispense on all metals, fabrics, woods, porous & nonporous surfaces without any damage, corrosion, or oxidization.

When solutions are dispensed, the surface consistency is that of micro disinfectant droplets, resembling a ‘morning dew.’ 


Our solutions have a bacterial kill time of 4 minutes, and a complete dwell time (dry to the touch) of 30 minutes. 


During this dwell period, staff and patrons may remain in the area for facilities 1000 square feet or larger, equipped with sufficient ventilation. 



Areas designated as 'high touch' are further treated with disinfectant wipes to ensure complete sterilization of areas prone to collecting more oil & biofilm.


Employing parallel & uniform strokes until the surface area is visibly wet, then dwell per SDS recommendations. Wipes are discarded every 25 square feet of surface.


Including but not limited to horizontal surfaces, countertops, doorknobs, chairs, technology, buttons, light switches, banisters & handrails, appliances, seat rests etc.




To certify your facility ‘biosafe,' DISINFX Disinfection Co. conducts before and after inspection results, providing security and peace of mind in the form of assurance. 


UV black light technology is employed to assess the cleanliness and disinfection thresholds across key samples spaces of your facility. 


Post inspection reports are provided to the client reinforcing peace of mind, and honest transparent results.