Cordless Handheld Fogging Kit For Sale Online

Updated: May 24

Our new Cordless Handheld Fogging Kit is an excellent sanitation solution for environments presenting restrictions in access to power, or those looking to enjoy cordless mobility.

Do not let the size fool you, this compact ergonomic device equips a 320W motor capable to sanitize all environments adeptly.

A Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery has an operational time of 45 minutes, and a full recharge of 3 hours.

A 1.2L Sanitizer reservoir allows for the treatment of approximately 10,000 square feet of sanitation before refill.

Dry fog micronization levels between 10-50μm, as well as air power are easily adjustable to applicate all surfaces and materials.

Sanitize your facilities approximately as quickly as you can walk through them.

10-20 minute residue-free sanitizer dwell period allows for a swift turnover of your environments safely.

A Sanitation Fogging Program drastically reduces costs associated with RTU disinfectants, and time spent sanitizing with inefficient manual methods.

You may find the backpack unit, as well as alternative fogging kits available online at our Store Now!

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