How to Properly Disinfect a Place of Worship during COVID-19

Updated: May 24

Proper Sanitation of Churches is essential when returning to in person worship. A large amount of treatable square footage, high number of touchpoints, and amount of onsite patrons supersedes the justification of traditional spray and wipe methods.

The utility of fogging technology allows for the sanitation of large environments & airspace efficiently & effectively between gatherings to reduce the potential spread of communicable virus. With a 10-15 minute complete dwell period (dry to the touch) allows for simple sanitation between groups.

These high output foggers produce an adjustable finely micronized (5-30μm) disinfectant mist, providing an even distribution of biodegradable nonrinse sanitizer. This treatment is safe on all materials including antique woods, electronic equipment, fabrics, food preparation areas, paper products, and all hard surfaces.

This method drastically reduces the application time and amount of disinfectant required for these large spaces, reducing costs associated with time spent sanitizing and purchasing 'RTU" (ready to use wipes & spray) disinfectant.

How to Disinfect a Church Sanctuary

It is imperative to disinfect the entire church sanctuary including all furniture, floors, doorknobs, light switches, piano, organ, communion table, the pulpit, and airborne atmosphere.

Singing hymns, and worship can create a prone environment for respiratory transmission via airborne microbes. ULV foggers enable safe disinfection of these airborne environments providing both a safe surface and airspace.

All these areas can be disinfected using foggers quickly, as they can cover a vast and open areas and all surfaces. Facilities that will receive increased use such as auditoriums, touchpoints, washrooms, and common areas should be sanitized before, and after use daily.

The church sanctuary should be cleaned not only for the visiting patrons but also for the ministries' safety.

All these areas and sanctuaries should be cleaned & sanitized regularly according to their use in order to provide full peace of mind for the Parish.

DISINFX Disinfection Co.'s line of DIY Fogging Starter Kits is a cohesive solution for your parish's sanitation needs.


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