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Updated: May 24

A comprehensive facility disinfection plan is a necessary feature of COVID-19 prevention, and health & safety regulations today. The threshold of sanitization required to facilitate a biosafe environment is unachievable with traditional spray and wipe methods which present significant inefficiencies, cross contamination risk, and safety hazards.

Each facility possesses a unique set of needs to facilitate a proper disinfectant fogging program. Frequency, service window, number of onsite staff & patrons, treatable square footage, and the nature of your industry are all variables that determine our recommendation. In certain cases, the versatility of an internalized/semi-internalized fogging program is optimal for your facility's needs.

There are numerous barriers to entry when implementing an in house fogging program, however. To appropriately research, source materials, develop a facility plan, and train staff independently is an unviable investment of time and resources amid current realities. Selection of disinfectant, microbial dispensing hardware, and a properly trained & educated applicator are the three necessary elements to implementing a safe microbial fogging program.

Lacking one or more of these critical elements disrupts the disinfectant efficacy and safety of a fogging program in your facility. Improper application can easily damage furniture & electronics, and lingering disinfectant bioaccumulates on surfaces leading to respiratory and eye irritation. Disinfectant fogging should be treated as any semi-skilled trade that requires the right education & training, and proven equipment to complete the job correctly.

Our fogging starter kit combines DISINFX Disinfection Co.’s industry experience, and vetted bundle of hardware & sanitizer required to complete the job effectively in your facility. An affordable one time purchase of our starter kit includes our “learn to fog” handbook & training guide with video support. Learn to fog in an hour or less with our in depth program incorporating all aspects of what you need to get started and maintain your equipment.

Our Microbial Disinfectant Fogging Starter Kit is the solution that will save you time, money, increase the biosafety, and facilitate peace of mind in your facilities.

Contact us today for more information on your fogging starter kit.


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