How To Disinfect Gyms & Fitness Studios During Covid-19

It’s evident to say sanitization and disinfection have become a daily part of our lives. Wearing masks and carrying around hand sanitizer will surely help in aiding the collection of germs, however it is not enough; especially when you’re going into public spaces with large amounts of high touch points, such as a gym.

It’s imperative to keep all gyms safe and entirely free of harmful bacteria that may gather on equipment that many individuals use throughout the day.

Given that gyms can drastically range in size and provide numerous amounts of equipment with hard to reach areas - it would be nearly impossible to target all areas required to ensure the facility itself remains biosafe - that is, unless you have a disinfectant fogging kit!

Our portable disinfectant foggers are the perfect device to incorporate into a gym’s cleaning protocol as it reliably disinfects all surfaces as well as the air quickly and efficiently.

Airborne disinfection is the most important aspect to controlling the transmission of pathogens that cause severe respiratory diseases, such as COVID-19. In enclosed spaces like gyms, coupled with the fact of heavy, quick recurring breaths due to working out - Disinfecting the air is one of the best ways to lower the risk of transmitting viruses like COVID-19.

This will save the owner of the studio on disinfecting costs, time spent attempting to clean each station while providing a clean, disinfected and sanitized environment for all members and staff.