How to Disinfect Tour & Coach Busses during COVID-19

Summer is quickly approaching and with restrictions beginning to lift, many will begin to travel within their home region for small getaways.

For some, tour busses and coach transportation will be used frequently whether it be for commuting, shuttle rides to and from new destinations, or perhaps an even longer bus tour to see and experience new sights.

With this being said, it is more important than ever to ensure there is proper cleaning and disinfecting protocols in place so the transportation vehicles are biosafe for all patrons.

Due to the number of people on public transport, crammed into one place at once and touching the same surfaces, and recirculating air many forms of busses are hotspots for viral transmission.

Luckily, we have an optimal solution to ensure drivers and all passengers on board will be safe and given the peace of mind they’re riding in a disinfected vehicle.

Our disinfectant fogging kits are the perfect device to sanitize & disinfect all surface areas found within the vehicle. The disinfectant provided within the purchase of our kit - is safe on all fabrics, wood, leather, technology, glass etc. that may be found inside.

By using one of our fogging kits, a driver will be able to fully sanitize all hard to reach areas, high touch points as well as target the air in a matter of minutes before & after passengers are on board.

The finely micronized disinfectant dry fog envelopes all interior surfaces and enters all small crevices and nooks within the interior.

With the help of our disinfectant fogging kit, you can disinfect more areas, ensure passengers are safe, save money and time, all the while fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. It's time to say all aboard to disinfectant fogging!