How to Disinfect Your Workplace following a COVID-19 Exposure

Updated: May 27

With new operational procedures and realities in the age of COVID-19, the way we work has changed drastically.

Many businesses are switching to a work from home model where applicable, however; most businesses and industries simply cannot operate without their staff off site.

If your workplace expects employees to attend a physical location in order to conduct their day to day responsibilities, a workplace must be properly equipped with the proper lines of defence in order to mitigate the operational risk and spread of communicable disease (COVID-19 or other) brought into the space by staff, patrons, or others.

Aside from physical distancing, sanitation of hands & hygiene, and the use of masks, one must consider the proper surface & airborne disinfection measures in order to provide a safe environment for all employees on site.

Regular cleaning and janitorial services do not account for the safe sanitation of surfaces and especially airspaces that is essential when returning to a safe workspace. While your space may look clean, janitorial services are simply eliminating visibly soiled surfaces making it a tidy and clean appearance.

The proper biosafety enforcement is the employers responsibility to ensure that all surfaces, touchpoints, and airspaces that staff or patrons are required to occupy are safe on a bio level.

Disinfecting the entirety of a workplace manually and frequently has become an expensive and daunting task. Most offices and places of business are large, have a number of onsite patrons, and innumerable touchpoints and high traffic areas which are prone for the spread of communicable bacteria.

How to Disinfect the Workplace with a Fogger

Disinfectant foggers have become the leading technology in sanitizing work environments rapidly, and effectively on both a surface and airborne efficacy.

By utilizing a fogging device in accordance with Health Canada/EPA approved sanitizer, an existing custodian or staff member may sanitize the work environment at a walking pace throughout all environments safely.

Disinfectant fogging is a one step treatment that is safe on all materials including paper products without rippling edges or dripping ink, fabrics, corrosive metals, electronics, and food preparation surfaces.

Disinfectant fogging should be employed at least once daily (following the work day, or before) in order to provide an unequivocally sanitized and safe environment.

Disinfectant foggers are the leading method in order to sanitize these spaces as they eliminate the human error of traditional spray and wipe methods, are much more cost effective than RTU (ready to use) disinfectant sprays and wipes, sanitize the airspace, and take approximately 1/16th of the time compared to spray and wipe methods.

What should an Employer do in order to return to safe operation following an internal COVID-19 outbreak?

Although we recommend fogging as a preventative measure, unfortunately some businesses may experience a positive staff outbreak even with the seval lines of defense in place such as social distancing, the use of masks, and traditional spray disinfection measures.

At this stage, the employer must ensure that the environment is completely safe and sanitized before staff or patrons return to your place of business.

If your business has had an unfortunate COVID-19 exposure, we recommend contacting a local Disinfectant Fogging service such as us (DISINFX Disinfection Co.), or purchasing your own Disinfectant Fogging Kit in order to fully sanitize both the surfaces and airspaces employees and patrons come in contact with.

Following a fogging service, your business will be provided with the facility certification as well as treatment report that may be applied to your local regulatory Worksafe “COVID-19 Safety Plan.”

Complete environment fogging also reassures the peace of mind for your business’ staff and patrons alike, encouraging them to return to the environment.

Once your business has had an outbreak, you must react quickly, and put action towards reinstating the operations of your place of business.

With disinfectant fogging technology, this has never been easier.

Please visit our shop to view disinfectant fogging starter kits your business may utilize independently, or consider our fogging service as a key feature of your safe reopening plan.

Our company services the Greater Vancouver Canada area, and offers complimentary shipping of DIY Fogging Starter Kits to all provinces in Canada.

Finally, stay safe, healthy, and keep your business doors open with the help of disinfectant fogging technology.

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