How to Properly Disinfect Restaurants & Bars during COVID-19

Restaurant and bar owners are one of our main clients as it allows staff to disinfect all surfaces within minutes (walking pace) that would otherwise take an employee hours - and even then, the results would not be up to the same quality and efficacy that our disinfectant fogging kits provide. Following the fogging treatment, sanitizer dwells rapidly in 5-10 minutes leaving a safe, sanitized, and residue free surface.

Existing staff may be able to target common surfaces such as tables and chairs, however one must take into account all the numerous other touch points found within the restaurant or bar. Examples of these include doors, washrooms, payment terminals, handles, and most importantly - the air.

Airborne disinfection is one of the best methods against the spread of viruses, such as the coronavirus, as it eliminates pathogens that can linger in the air and be inhaled. This is why all disinfection protocols must target airborne disinfection.

It’s necessary to ensure your business meets regulatory health and safety standards in a manner that is cost effective and requires little time to applicate.

Our disinfectant fogging kits are safe on all fabrics, food preparation surfaces, corrosive metals, tique woods, glass, electronics etc. and may be sanitized safely at the rapid efficiency of a 'walking pace' throughout your environment with a 10 minute complete dwell period.

DISINFX’s recommended sanitizer is included within the purchase of our kits. The solution is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, safe for humans, pets, plants and can be used on any food preparation surface or plexiglass barrier without needing to wipe or rinse the object afterwards.

Save yourself the headache and concern, and give staff & patrons the peace of mind your entire space has been sanitized properly. Allowing you to focus on what matters most - providing a pleasant atmosphere and delicious food!

Enhance your disinfecting protocol today by utilizing our disinfectant fogging kits, available for purchase online now.