How to Properly Disinfect Schools and Childcare Centers during COVID-19

Updated: May 24

Sanitation of learning environments, and childcare facilities is essential when returning to in person learning or class sessions. A large amount of treatable square footage, high number of touchpoints, youth hygiene, and amount of onsite patrons supersedes the justification of traditional spray and wipe methods.

British Columbia has reported 419 schools exposures, (as of 11/23/20) many with multiple incidents.

The utility of fogging technology allows for the sanitation of large environments & airspace efficiently and effectively between gatherings or class sessions to reduce the potential spread of communicable virus.

These high output foggers produce an adjustable finely micronized (5-30μm) disinfectant mist, providing an even distribution of biodegradable nonrinse sanitizer to all materials safely.

This method drastically reduces the application time and amount of disinfectant required for these large spaces, reducing costs associated with time spent sanitizing and purchasing 'RTU" (ready to use wipes & spray) disinfectant.

How to Sanitize a School or Childcare Center?

School facilities such as classrooms & learning spaces, gymnasium & recreation, playground, food preparation surfaces, and all touchpoints should be sanitized consistently to avoid the spread of communicable virus on surfaces and airborne microbial droplets. Our backpack, and cordless fogging starter kits are both fantastic options to sanitize all facilities of a school or childcare center.

With the help of ULV Foggers, you may disinfect the surface and airspace of these environments very easily without the need to use manual methods of any kind. When using the proper sanitizer, there is no need to rinse the area or wipe as it dwells, and dries residue free on its own.

Biodegradable & Phosphate free Sanitizer is safe on all fabrics, papers, tique woods, metals, electronics, and all other surfaces found within the facilities of a school. Most importantly, this application process is safe to the health of our children - moreso than any storebought sanitizer.

Dry fog is even safe on papers without dripping ink or curling paper edges making this an opportune solution for schools where bulletins, student art, and lockers/desks are full of paper products.

Minimal PPE is required in the form of a medical mask and eye protection. This method is easily trainable to classroom attendants, or existing custodial staff with our easy to follow video training guides (included with the purchase of our DIY Fogging Starter Kit)

It's important we enable kids the opportunity to remain in school, while reinforcing safety and peace of mind for staff, students, and parents alike.

Contact us for more information on your DIY Disinfectant Fogging Starter Kit.


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