Is Disinfectant Fogging Safe during COVID-19?

Updated: May 24

Disinfectant fogging should be treated as any semi-skilled trade where the proper equipment, knowledge, and training are necessary to complete your task effectively and safely.

Selection of Sanitizer & Fogging Device, and Applicator Education are the three fundamental pillars of a fogging program. Lacking one or more of these integral features disrupts the safety, and efficacy of your sanitation fogging program indefinitely.

Pillars of Disinfectant Fogging

Fortunately, our DIY Disinfectant Fogging Starter kits provide affordable access to these elements in a cohesive package solution.


There are many considerations when selecting a sanitizer, compatible to be dispensed as a dry fog to all environments of your facility.

It's best to consult a professional when considering these disinfectant products.

In Canada, the following features are imperative when selecting a sanitizer to dispense as micronized dry fog:

- Approved per Government of Canadas 'List of disinfectants with evidence for use against COVID-19'

- Biodegradable & Phosphate Free

- Non Rinse

- Foodsafe

- Residue Free

- Fragrance Free

- Suitable for Food Plant Use

- Canadian Manufactured

Our sanitizer is vetted to incorporate all of these integral safety elements, ensuring our clients experience the health and safety benefits of these programs to their fullest.

Sanitizer Safety

The use of incompatible and harsh hydrogen peroxide, or chlorine based disinfectants has given the application process of fogging sanitizer a poor reputation. These disinfectants are not manufactured to be dispensed safely in micronized form, nor effective on a non rinse or one step treatment process. Lingering accumulation of these harsh disinfectants may lead to eye or respiratory irritation in your facilities, doing more harm than good.

Fogging Hardware:

Your fogging device selection is crucial to the safety of your staff, patrons, and facilities.

Microbial Dry Fog (5-30μm) is approximately 20x finer than a traditional aerosolized spray (150μm). A configurable threshold of 5-30μm dry fog vaporization is imperative to the application process.

True microbial dry fog may be safely dispensed on fabrics, all hard surfaces, electronics, and even paper products safely without damage in the form of streaking, spotting, or discoloration of any kind.

Devices that dispense outside of these parameters, are technically dispensing a wet mist, or spray. An accumulation of a wet, drip like application consistency may lead to damage of fabrics, electronics, and bioaccumulation of lingering disinfectants in your facilities.

Our selection of various handheld and backpack foggers possess the capabilities and features to accommodate all facility sanitation needs and budget.

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DISINFX Fogging Hardware


Proper education and training related to SARS-CoV2- and its indoor transmission is an essential understanding before applicators may properly work to mitigate the potential spread of communicable virus.

Our DIY Fogging Starter Kits include simple hardware specific video, and handbook guides that allow any existing team to facilitate their own program safely and effectively within minutes.

Without the proper education and experience, technicians may applicate environments incorrectly causing potential harm to surfaces, and the safety of your staff & patrons.

Access to these fundamental elements has never been more affordable, and accessible with DISINFX Disinfection Co.'s DIY Fogging Starter Kit Solutions.


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